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A typical ZEL afternoon

The Zambezi Electronic Library (ZEL) provides kids and others in the Zambezi community access to thousands of books, videos, and other educational resources through a server that doesn't require internet access. It helps them review topics they learned in class, study for exams, and explore new worlds. You can read more about the program and how it all works here.

We have three exciting pieces of ZEL news to report.

  1. We have a new space! The office is still located near the downtown market in the same local church, but the space is larger.

  2. We have hired a consultant to help bring internet to ZEL. His name is Justin Mnunga and he is a math teacher at the nearby high school. He also owns the gaming shop next door that is providing some competition. But he has a lot of expertise, and it's good to know he's next door when the ZEL kids need him.

  3. Relating to #2, we are planning to bring the internet to ZEL. While the server has been an excellent source of materials, the staff has reported back that there's only so much there. We will be sure the internet is used for educational purposes only, as well as to explore college and other post-high school opportunities. In a town where there is not a lot of internet access, this is huge.

Violet, Anna, and Vero hard at work

One last bit to share. We view ZEL as a revolving door, as a place where LMO graduates can get some work experience and earn a little money before moving on to their next step.

We currently have three staff members with exciting plans. Edinah and Mildred will be going to nursing school beginning January 2024, and Lydia is already working at her family's hardware store in town. We're waiting to hear about others' plans!

These advancements will open the door to other recent high school graduates to be employed by ZEL.

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