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Life After High School: Fall 2023

Updated: Nov 1, 2023

Our kids are growing! While we still have many in elementary and high school, the focus is starting to be more on college, as more and more high school graduates are expressing their desire to receive a tertiary education. We are encouraging kids to go to college, for sure, but also, if that’s not their calling, to explore technical or other types of training as well.

Introducing This Year's High School Graduates

Five kids are graduating from high school this December, including Given, Chris, Joyce, Ndumba, and Chisola. Like all kids in grade 12, they are obliged to take an all-comprehensive exam in eight subjects that determines whether they’re able to attend college or not. They’ll have their results in January.

Chris has long expressed his desire to be a pilot, and he’s hoping he’ll have the chance to study in the United States. Given is a computer science whiz, and he hopes to continue his computer studies in college. The other kids have ideas that they will share!

Previous High School Graduates Moving Upward

Eight children graduated from high school last year—normally there’s a lapse between graduating and embarking on their tertiary education. We have just received word that several will be attending college starting in January 2024. Mildred plans to study nursing, Wisdom is enrolled in a program to study environmental health, and Edinah, who graduated from high school several years ago, will be studying nursing as well.

After both her parents died, Happiness was supported by Bethlehem United Methodist Church in Zambezi when Bernard was pastor. She has now been accepted into nursing school, sponsored by the LMO Foundation.

And no doubt we will be hearing about more acceptances in the next month or two.

More Updates

Right now, Rabecca is working at her family’s hardware store in Zambezi. She knows where to find every single thing in the shop, and can recommend the best paint and type of hammer needed for any project. "Big businessman” Frank has expanded his market stall in Zambezi into a covered shop full of goods and products. And Lydia is currently working at a bakery in Zambezi, with hopes to study broadcast journalism in the near future.

Soon we will have another college graduate! Jane is finishing up her studies in November to be a medical officer. She will then return to Zambezi for an internship at the local hospital before her final placement. Next up is Chinyama, who is studying nursing. He will take his final exam in November, and graduate in June or July 2024.

Oliver living the dream

Oliver went to truck driving school beginning last March, and he has received his driver’s license and is currently looking for employment as a truck driver.

We also caught up with Brudas during our visit to Zambezi in August. He was the first kid whom we sponsored to go to college, and he is now running the physiotherapy department at the Zambezi Hospital. He is also helping the LMO Foundation as a college counselor, assisting college-bound kids to find the right placement, fill out applications, set budgets, and get them going on their way.

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