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What Happens Beyond High School?

The town of Zambezi has an excellent school system, ensuring the kids receive education K-12. Thanks to your kindness, and your donations that pay for uniforms, books, school supplies, and foodstuffs, the kids of LMO are ensured the right to attend school through twelfth grade. But when they graduate, they are often left confused as to what comes next. We encourage them to follow their dreams, but as a kid in a town where there’s no internet, without a lot of interaction with the greater world, this can be a confusing endeavor.

The LMO Education Foundation has tried to help make this transition easier by hiring Brudas Mulogi as a college consultant for recent high schoolers and other LMO graduates interested in pursuing educational training after high school. And he has been busy! Here are two of the young people he has helped place within the past few months.

Oliver. Oliver has always dreamed of being a truck driver, and in April, Brudas helped him enroll in driving school in Lusaka. He had to apply, take a medical test, find housing, and transport himself to Lusaka. It’s a three-month course, and at the end of it, he will have the opportunity to drive big trucks.


Anna. Anna was a quiet high schooler when we first met her, sitting at the back of the classroom and very shy to share any thoughts. For the past few years, she has thrived as a staff member of ZEL. And now, she has decided to pursue a diploma in agriculture, in the city of Kaoma. She started a two-year program in mid-May.

Tricious. The daughter of LMO's business manager, Mende Manjomba, will be attending Chreso University Lusaka to become a Medical Officer.


We are excited for all of these young people, and look forward to hearing about other kids pursuing their dreams!

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