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Volleyball King

Updated: Oct 22, 2022

As kids go on to college, they are discovering a whole new world out there—literally. When Kelly, Barbara, and David visited Zambia last August, they had breakfast with Obrian in Lusaka, who is studying computer science. He's pretty reserved, but after a bit of chatting, we came to realize he was on the volleyball team, and he had traveled as far as Pretoria, South Africa, to play in a tournament. We caught up with Obrian to get the inside scoop.

When did you first start playing volleyball?

I started playing volleyball when I was in high school, grade 10, Zambezi Day Secondary School.

Tell us about your team. Is it a school team or a club team?

Right now I play for both the school team and a volleyball club.

How many years have you played?

This year has marked six years of playing volleyball at a high level. The current club I am playing for is in the national league, and it has a really great record with a lot of good players, so it's a lot of competition.

What position do you play?

Center blocker. The main aim is to block, but I am also one of the best spikers on the team, so I also play as a spiker.

Have you traveled anywhere with your team?

Yeah, we have traveled a number of places.


I was in Solwezi last week for a tournament. I went to Kabwe, Nakonde, and my favorite: Pretoria, South Africa. You only get to see the town if you go as a team.

Do you have a favorite memory of a place where you have played volleyball?

Zambezi is my favorite memory, because it's the place where it all started.

Where is the next place your team will be playing?

The coach only told us to get ready and train hard for a Christmas tournament, which is going to be held in Lesotho. I can't wait to go.

Thanks, Obrian! And good luck in your next tournament!

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