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Announcing 2023 Children’s Conference in Zambezi

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

This August, five Board members—Bernard Lumene, Rolanda Eldridge, Kelly Deloach, and Barbara and David Kennedy—will be traveling to Zambezi to be reunited with the LMO kids. And just like last year, they plan to hold a children’s conference over two days at the Royal Kuchuchita Lodge. Last year’s theme was “I Have a Dream,” which was all about pursuing dreams—kids shared how they dreamed of being nurses, teachers, pilots, and creating a happy family. This year will be a little more practical with the theme “Roll Up Your Sleeves.” We’ll talk about the importance of exercise, eating healthy, and planning a budget. Just like last year, we'll have guest speakers, fun activities like a treasure hunt, and the chance to swim in the swimming pool! Stay tuned!

Vero and Violet

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